Totally my life.

Lately I have been more active on my instagram account! I thought I needed to “refresh” it a bit more. So I’m taking more photos with my iPhone now as well, and I think it is a bit because I dont use my baby (Canon EOS mark ii) so much at the moment as there are so many things to do, I dont make time to edit photos.

One really good thing is that my hard drive on my Macbook was broken (phew, got everything on backup) so I will get a new one with double amount of space! I always have like 5-15 GB left on my hard drive.. As well as I’ve got 2 external hard drives with 4,5 TB alltogether. They are far from filled up, but i like to keep things on my laptop too.. Anyways, a lot of talking, typing, blabla about non-interesting things..!

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Have a good day everyone!




Here are some pictures recently taken with my phone!



I have found out a big thing today. Like finally I actually think I know what I want to study. Definately Im going to study in Britain. I will tell more about my plans further in another post so that will be a secret for those who doesnt know yet, haha! Well i did want to post some photos in this post but looks like i cant. (Im on my phone and got access to lots of photos compared to the sexy laptop that now has sims on it woho)

Anyway i will post some pictures in the following post!



Okay since my laptop had to be sent to the shop to get fixed, I have still got my (the schools) borrowing laptop. So that means no photos (unless if I go on my harddrive but no). BUT I FOUND OUT IVE GOT PHOTOBOOTH. So here is a couple of sweet good night photos. I’m off to bed already as I’m going to the gym early in the morning. Call me a fitness lady/freak/addicted/younameit.

Happy things today:

- SNOW!!! Finally!!!!
- Luckily I got back my Sims 3 Island Paradise CD that had been in my damaged laptop.
- John (boyfriend) made me laugh so much i got the hiccups (I always get the hiccups when i laugh so much)
- I was in the gym working my abs ;)

Hope everyone will have a beautiful sleep (because I will)


Starting up, half fresh?

Hi everybody who might be reading this post. I might be starting to post on this tumblr from now on just to see if it can help me getting back inspiration and things for creativity. As I’m in the busy world of school and things, I have a lot on my mind, so it might get easier if I post something on a blog.

Awesome that I am on a laptop I’m borrowing from school as my own crashed the other day! Luckily, with all the thousands of photos on it, I get it all back. I will probably have it back by tomorrow.


Attaching this photo (Yes, downloaded my facebook picture). Anyway hope you all have a lovely evening and a good week coming up, and if I survive on this blog, I will be posting more the further days coming.